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Oct 16, 2020
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About a year ago Kendal Kane volunteered his team, Ghost Reapers PRS to provide maintenance and cleaning for the house. We were skeptical...

Mar 19, 2018
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The good news is...

Jan 8, 2018
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And they're gone...

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March 18, 2018

And so it goes.... six months later Linda checks back in...

     I guess the biggest news is that the caretakers couldn't take it. The left towards the end of December, but it took us two months to come back and collect their things. They didn't want to go in the house. They knew going in that the house was haunted. They had had personal experiences and knew theycould handle it. What they didn't realize, we assume, was how difficult it would be to handle these things on a daily basis.


     What kind of things you ask? Not what you'd expect. Nothing life threatening. Nothing bigger than life. Small things: Like waking up to someone standing at the foot of the bed. Hearing disembodied voices in the room with them. Hearing multiple disembodied voices in the next room or upstairs or just down the hall or on the porch only to check and find no one there. Losing things that they had just put down in a certain spot. Someone rocking the babies crib when she was crying. Having their children over and learning that they had been playing with the resident "children."

     These are seemingly small things, but when you add them up and endure them daily, you begin to wonder if you are crazy. You take a drink to try to turn it off, but that fails. Eventually you have to leave. And so, once again, Hill House Manor has run people off in less than six months.I have already had two people volunteer to try it, but for now, we will not stir it up any further.

     You should know that it is pretty active these days. If you have ever wanted to come. This is a good time to capture some class A evps and more. There are experiences to be had. Email Linda at Linda@HillHouseManor.com 

     We are in need of a new security system as ours was compromised during the last three months. If your team has upgraded and want to get rid of your old system for cheap email Linda.



   We have been approached about doing a livestream again. How would you feel about being able to log in and chat with others while you watch the well room or other rooms? Del is for it. Linda has reservations. What do you think?


     Hopefully I will be updating this again in a week or two. Check out the calendar to see if anything public is planned. Happy Haunting and remember Hill House Manor is your haunted home away from home. See you soon.


Look for me on:

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Twitter @LindaAnthonyHil

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Discord  @Linda4728


Sept. 2017

I've neglected this site terribly and I apologize. I've just uploaded some older photos and evps. My hope is that we'll get some new pics from some of the new teams that have been investigating.


The last year has been spent concentrating on a paranormal mystery murder novel which is due to release in late October of 2017.  I'll be announcing the actual release date as it gets closer. It will be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If you don't find it at your local bookstore I hope you will ask for it. It's called The Anchor is the Key.  Learn more at Lindatheauthor.com


Meanwhile there has been a lot going on at Hill House Manor. We have resident caretakers now which we're hoping will make your stays at the house more comfortable. The well is exposed from the inside of the house and there is much work yet to be done, but it is an excellent addition. The murder room has been active and with a newborn staying in the house the children and the grandmotherly woman have been showing themselves, often to the naked eye.


We've started a new Guest Book. Please sign your team in so that we can get you on the teams page.


That's all for now. Keep me on my toes by emailing me at Linda@HillHouseManor.com   if I haven't posted lately or if you have pics, info or evidence to share.



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