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Apr 21, 2022
Category: General
Posted by: lholsclaw

Covid is behind us. Investigations are up and we couldn't be happier. We're finally getting a sign! The house has never looked better or been more active.  We have a new huge AC on the "safe"(yeah, right) side. It'll freeze you out in the summer. Come on out and investigate soon.

Oct 16, 2020
Category: General
Posted by: lholsclaw

About a year ago Kendal Kane volunteered his team, Ghost Reapers PRS to provide maintenance and cleaning for the house. We were skeptical...

Mar 19, 2018
Category: General
Posted by: lholsclaw

The good news is...

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"...after a long night of investigating with two of my friends, my dad, and my husband at the time everyone decided they were ready to crash in the warm living area. My husband at the time and myself decided to stick it out upstairs in the, what I called the rocking horse room where there are some stairs that lead down to the right side of the house. Again, anyway. We were up there on the day bed shivering in our winter coats, wrapped in a blanket asking questions slowly dozing off. When suddenly we jump from a door shutting relatively hard and then what sounded like heavy foot steps on the main stairs. They briefly stopped then started again as if they were coming back up and we heard another door shut.

We turn our flashlight on and look at each other whispering what was that? He gets up, walks through the threshold of the bedroom door and asks if someone is there. When there was no sound, we thought maybe it was one of our friends going out to smoke and that maybe it just sounded like they were walking up and down the stairs. Well, we decided to go downstairs to check and warm up a bit and when we walked into the living room, EVERYONE was sound asleep. A little unnerved by this we decided to call it a night as well since it was close to three in the morning.

When we listened to the recorder, there was absolutely no sound except my ex calling out asking for whom ever was there.

Feel free to reach out if you'd like. I'm going to ask one of my friends if she has access to any of those photos from that night. It was definitely a fun time."


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