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Apr 21, 2022
Category: General
Posted by: lholsclaw

Covid is behind us. Investigations are up and we couldn't be happier. We're finally getting a sign! The house has never looked better or been more active.  We have a new huge AC on the "safe"(yeah, right) side. It'll freeze you out in the summer. Come on out and investigate soon.

Oct 16, 2020
Category: General
Posted by: lholsclaw

About a year ago Kendal Kane volunteered his team, Ghost Reapers PRS to provide maintenance and cleaning for the house. We were skeptical...

Mar 19, 2018
Category: General
Posted by: lholsclaw

The good news is...

CMS - 2.1.5 - High Rock


First: choose a date by visiting the reservation calendar at localendar

Second: email Linda with your date and info about your group ie. how many people, name of group, where you'll be traveling from and any other info you think we should know about.

Third: once you have confirmed by email that the date is available send your deposit by paypal or Zelle to Linda@HillHouseManor.com 

That's it. You're reserved.

You can have as few as 1 person or as many as 15, but the prices listed on the calendar are for up to 10. Over 10 you pay extra per person.  Prices vary depending on the night you choose. Thursdays and Fridays are by far the best "bang for the buck". If you have 10 people it's less than 20 per person. And you have the whole house for the whole night.

Remember it's not a Bed & Breakfast. It's fine to fall asleep, but we don't provide beds or linens or privacy. We do provide a bathroom, kitchen with coffee and microwave and use of one shelf of the fridge. Also WiFi ( $20. per night per group.) and heat and AC in a few rooms. Better than a cemetery, but not the Queen Mary. :)

We will be adding to this, but you at least know how to make a reservation for now.

Thank you.


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